Daylight and Sunlight Assessments

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Daylight and Sunlight Tests are integral to the Planning system

An Overview

Assessments of sunlight and daylight to buildings and external areas within the planning process.

Local Authority Planning Departments are able to request a developer to provide an assessment of Daylight and Sunlight as part of the planning application. 

daylight-sunlight-assessmentsAt this stage, it should be noted that the Daylight and Sunlight Tests are integral to the Planning system. These tests are completely separate from the Legal Right to Light which uses completely different parameters to assess the acceptability of light implications on a neighbouring property.

Even though, in many circumstances, satisfactory results for the Daylight and Sunlight tests will probably also mean satisfactory conclusions with regards to Legal Right to Light assessments, this is not always the case and both need to be considered separately. The normal assessment method for Daylight and Sunlight assessments in respect of applications for planning permission uses ‘Site Layout Planning for Daylight and Sunlight’, formerly referred to as BRE Digest 209.

How we can help

We are able to provide detailed Daylight and Sunlight assessments which would involve 3D CAD modelling and the use of specialist software.

We are always pleased to discuss the possible need for the tests described in the BRE document Site Layout Planning for Daylight & Sunlight with Local Authorities, developers or neighbours to a development.