What is the nature of your scheme?

New Build / Extension


The Nature of Your Scheme

Depending on the building work you are planning on carrying out, there are specific planning rules and regulations you must adhere to. Whether you are starting a building project from scratch, for example, a new housing development requirements or extending an existing property, you need to consider the appropriate planning.

How Smith Marston Can Help

We can conduct a detailed Daylight and Sunlight assessment for your property using our 3D CAD modelling software, giving you visual impressions of any potential loss of daylight or sunlight.

We will also detail the potential tests needed in line with the BRE guide known as “Site Layout Planning for Daylight & Sunlight – A Guide to Good Practice”.

We pride ourselves on our quality services, so if you would like to get in touch with a member of our team to discuss any queries you have, simply call or email us. Or, if you have any assessments you would like us to carry out, we can arrange to carry these out at a time that suits you.