Right to Light Matters for Banks & Funders

The number of enquiries we receive is growing, following development funders becoming involved in the scheme, whether at the development stage or at the stage of funding an acquisition.

Why Right to Light Assessments Are Important

Having a Right to Light Assessment is on many funders’ ‘checklists’, as, they need to ensure that they are minimising risk and exposure concerning development risks. The last thing a funder wishes is to be lending on a scheme to find the projected profits are going to be swallowed up by hefty right to light compensation claims, or costs associated with project delays whilst agreements with neighbours’ are gained. Likewise, the potential risk of an injunction, even post completion, will make any funder nervous.

Many developers come to us because their funder has asked for a Right of Light Report, and, often request that we help them get insurance policies put in place that the funders can seek the comfort of.

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How We Can Help

At Smith Marston, we can carry out 3D AutoCad modelling and undertake complex calculations to assess the right to light issues using sophisticated computer software.

Yes, a daylight and sunlight assessment can significantly influence the design and layout of a commercial property. It ensures that the design is optimised for maximum natural light, affecting the placement of windows, building orientation, and interior configurations.

Yes, there are legal regulations and standards in place to ensure adequate daylight and sunlight access for commercial developments. Compliance is often achieved through comprehensive assessments carried out in accordance with local planning regulations.

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