Right to Light Matters for Home Owners

Have you been approached by a developer?

Yes, I have received a letter from the developer or their agent.

No, I’m planning an extension or new build, or I’m a neighbour to a development.

Right to light matters for those who have received a letter from a developer

If you have received a letter or form of contact from a developer, this is likely a result of the developer learning that the project they are working on may have an affect on your property’s light. Any form of contact is often the first stage of rectifying any potential right to light issues, amicably with the aim of coming to a conclusion or agreement over the proposed project. 

Receiving such contact could also be the result of the funder or insurer of the project asking the developer to reduce any potential risks with the project. It’s important to know who to contact when rectifying any potential issues. Starting a conversation on the matter is the first step towards avoiding any major issues further down the road. 

Right to light matters for those who are planning to build

If you are planning a build that may encroach or affect the amount of light a neighbour receives, it may be in your best interest to enlist the help of a right to light surveyor who can assess the potential risks of your project. Whether it is a side extension, an extra storey on your home, or raising the height of a boundary wall, it’s important to assess the potential risks as soon as possible to avoid costly changes to any plans further down the road.

Right to light matters for those who are neighbours to a development

If you are a neighbour to a development and have not received any contact from a developer, funder or insurer, you can start the process for a right to light assessment if you believe that your property’s light to light may be affected. To start this process, we suggest starting a conversation with those involved in the project. Starting these proceedings amicably from the start usually helps to achieve the best possible outcome for all parties involved. If you have a legal right to light, then seeking advice from our team or a qualified right to light surveyor will help you gain the relevant knowledge needed to progress further with any enquiries.

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