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Matters for Universities

We provide CPD seminars to University faculties that provide courses on the Built Environment.  These currently are delivered to students studying degree courses in Building Surveying, and, to final year students studying Architecture.

We have found that many degree courses in these topics do not cover the issues of Daylight and Sunlight matters in respect of planning applications, or, the very important topic of Legal Right to Light, in their course syllabus’s.

Since 2011, Adrian Marston, director of Smith Marston Ltd, has been a visiting lecturer to the Northumbria University, delivering a presentation to both 2nd year students (prior to them going into industry in their 3rd year sandwich placement), and, to final year students, prior to them going out into industry ‘for real’.

Since 2016 , Adrian has presented annually to circa 110 final year students at Manchester School of Architecture, as part of a day dedicated to legal matters surrounding architecture.

The talks delivered seek to ‘plant a seed’ – the topics are too complex to squeeze into a one hour talk, but, we aim to highlight key matters that students should know about going into the workplace.

We aim to address the differences between Daylight and Sunlight matters, that may be requested as part of the planning process, and, importantly, highlight the differences between these types of reports, and, the legal issues of Right to Light.

We show how easy it can be to be ‘caught out’ by making incorrect assumptions in projects, with a view to limiting exposure to claims of negligence in the workplace in future. Indeed, we often find that students we speak to go into their future jobs knowing more about these critical matters, especially the risks associated with Right to Light, than some of the employers.

Our presentation lasts for approximately 1 to 1.5 hours, and includes plenty of opportunity for students to ask questions. We try to bring the talk to life by using real case studies.

Our CPD Seminar covers:

Daylight and Sunlight for Planning:

  • Introduction to “Site Layout Planning for Daylight and Sunlight – A Guide to Good Practice, 2nd Edition by Paul Littlefair” (BRE 209)
  • Rules of Thumb tests – when to use and how
  • Which rooms to assess and which to exclude
  • Differences between planning requirements, and legal right to light matters.
  • Judicial Review
  • Case Studies

Right of Light:

  • What is a Right of Light and how is one acquired?
  • How a Right of Light are assessed
  • What a remedy might be if a legal injury occurs (injunction v compensation)
  • How compensation can be calculated
  • Case Studies

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“Adrian is a leading expert on rights to light, an area of practice that can have massive implications if neglected even for small domestic projects. He has given lectures to the Building Surveying students at Northumbria which have been very interesting and informative and his contribution to the education of our future practitioners is very greatly appreciated.”
Minnie Fraser, Senior Lecturer at Northumbria University
“Very many thanks indeed for delivering your very clear and comprehensive presentation to our M. Arch students at Manchester School of Architecture on : ‘Planning standards for light and sunlight, compared with civil rights to light with examples’. The students were surprised and intrigued by the topic and realised that an understanding of these subjects is imperative for practitioners, which of course most of them will soon be”.
John Hickey, Manchester School of Architecture
“Very good presentation, informative and helpful.”
Survey Monkey feedback
“This CPD is both informative and engaging, I definitely recommend!”
Survey Monkey feedback
“A thought-provoking presentation that will provide useful watch points for all future projects.”
Survey Monkey feedback
“Very concise and useful CPD.”
Survey Monkey feedback
“The presentation was very well presented and conveyed that Smith Marston were experts in the subject matter.”
Survey Monkey feedback

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