Maximise Your Home’s Potential with an Expert Daylight & Sunlight Assessment

Planning an extension or a new build?

Ensure your project shines with Smith Marston. Our expert team provides detailed reports designed to help you navigate local planning rules and enhance your home’s environmental quality.

Need a Daylight & Sunlight Assessment?

A Daylight & Sunlight Assessment is used in the planning stage of building projects to evaluate the impact your new development can have on the natural light available to surrounding properties. This assessment helps to ensure that your planned new build or extension does not adversely affect your neighbours’ access to daylight and sunlight.

Why Choose Us?

  • BRE 209 Compliance: Align your design with the top industry standard to prevent planning permission refusals.
  • Conflict Resolution: Expert assessments can mitigate potential disputes with neighbours.
  • Tailored Solutions: From initial assessments to planning appeals, our comprehensive services are designed to meet your specific needs.
  • Fast turnaround: Our timescales are generally 2 to 3 weeks turnaround for full assessments although smaller case reviews may take less time.

Ensure your build is illuminated with success – let Smith Marston light the way to your dream home.

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